Curriculum Of The First Cycle Business Economy – 240 ECTS

Program BUSINESS ECONOMICS contains an element is determined by law, whose focus is on excellent preparedness of graduates for inclusion in the working process .
In conceiving the program in business economics are taken into account the latest knowledge in the art and science in the area concerned, as well as the experience of other higher education institutions in the countries with the most advanced school systems, and so extended in the countries of the former Yugoslavia in which the Bologna Process is accepted as standard.

The Program we also include appropriate subjects, developed a methodology of mastering general education, vocational, especially professionally- applicative cases through carefully selected exercises, making essays, critical analysis and comparison of cases from practice and so on. In addition, the teaching process is based on understandable presented materials and modern educational tools are made ​​available to students : computers, the most recent literature and direct contact with teachers and staff. Precious direct contact with the business process, students generate through practical training in companies, thus enriching the learning process is rounded students resend important practical knowledge and experience.


ZIMSKI SEMESTAR ŠK. 2019/20.god.

SMIJER: Poslovna ekonomija
Igodina IIgodina IIIgodina IVgodina
SMIJER: Transportno inženjerstvo
Igodina IIgodina IIIgodina IVgodina

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