Student Parliament

The headquarters of the Student Parliament is located in the College for Applied and Legal Science’ Prometej’ Banja Luka . ( hereinafter: the College).

The activity of the Student Parliament is to represent and protect the rights and interest of all students and discussing the issues and activities of interest to students.

Student Parliament has the following powers:

  1. the adoption of general acts on its work,
  2. the selection and dismissal of the student representatives in the bodies of the College in accordance with the statute,
  3. participation in self-evaluation of the College,
  4. conducting of activities related to ensuring the quality and assessment of teaching, reform of study programs , analysis and evaluation of the efficacy of the study, determining the number of credits and protection of the rights of students,
  5. launching the initiatives for adoption or changing of regulations of interest to students,
  6. the adoption of the annual plan and program of activities of the Student Parliament and adoption of the report on its work,
  7. conducting of other activities in accordance with the law and general acts of the College

Visoka škola za primijenjene i pravne nauke

T: +387 51 315 810, +387 51 315 780

Adresa: Ul. Knajza Miloša 10a, 78 000 Banja Luka

Odjeljenje Derventa:

T: +387 53 331 360

Adresa: Ul. Svetog Save b.b., 74400 Derventa